In Memory

Kenny Morgan

 Kenny had many good friends over the years and was a good friend to many. He will be dearly missed by all. Rest in Peace Kenny, we Loved You Very Much!

MORGAN, KENNY G., 48, of Okolona passed away Friday, March 12, 2010.

Mr. Morgan was a retiree of Phillip Morris.

He is survived by his daughter, Kristin Peak; sisters, Peggy Boyd and Debbie Milby; and brother, Michael K. Morgan.

The cause of Kenny's death started last summer as throat cancer resulting in the removal of his larnyx. As tough as that was Kenny, according to his sister, was coping very well the past several months by learning to write really fast, e-mailing friends and actually creating his own sign language. A few weeks ago a lump on the side of his neck turned out to be a tumor that had grown rapidly on a major artery and had become so intertwined there was nothing that the doctors could do.